A video without a strategy is just a video

Video Strategy

A video strategy is the plan to reach your target audience, so that you can confidently bind them to your organization with video.

The plan to reach your target audience with video

What is a video strategy?

A video strategy is the strategic plan behind the video. In this plan we conduct research into your target group, competitors, goals, challenges, positioning and image. A video strategy is really the blueprint of every video we produce. It determines the course and choices we make in and for the video content. Whether it a commercial, brand film, corporate film or promotional film, with the right strategy your videos will make the difference.

What is your goal?
Do you want to generate more sales, launch a new product, recruit new employees or tell your brand story in a unique and inspiring way?
Current challenges
Are you suffering from declining sales, do you want to improve the connection with your target group, do you have low interaction and response to online video content or have difficulty recruiting employees? We can help.
Video is the means to show the target group and let them feel how you want to position yourself as a company or brand.
The image you have or want to have can be strongly influenced by video. Do you want to show that you are sustainable or focus on happy and satisfied customers? We help you strengthen your image.
Target audience
The right video strategy enables you to reach your target group at the locations and platforms where they are active. We investigate which platforms these are and which video content best suits them.

Why a video strategy at Storymotion

Although the story of a video is very important, the effectiveness of video content is influenced by several factors. Consider the tone of voice, style, type, message and call-to-action of the video content. We look at your specific needs and challenges. and how we can then use video to make a difference. Sometimes one video is simply not enough to achieve this goal. We therefore help you set up a strategy that can do this, such as campaigns, advertising, an online video series or widely applicable video advertisements.

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